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TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Orange, Green Leaf, Nutmeg, Pepper
HEART NOTES: Clove, Lavender, Patchouli, Amber
BASE NOTES: Vetyvert, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Moss, Tonka


A beautiful name of Irish origin and the Gaelic word for ‘freedom’. Something we all strive for and yet we do not necessarily know what that is.


Just for a moment imagine closing your eyes and walking through the long grass and wild flowers, letting your hands barely touch the petals and reeds, as you stroll with the sun shinning down on you, with nothing but bird songs in the air.

Because when you spray this beautifully scented interior perfume, we believe that's what we have captured, with its delicate floral aromas and heady mix of woody notes and citrus.

It’s an aroma that's full of surprises, because it’s strong, yet surprisingly fresh, and that's why our FOX & WOLF customers love it as much as we do.



A FOX & WOLF interior perfume is a great way to get that instant aroma from one of our candles, in an instant.

Have you ever just needed to freshen up a guest room or maybe you have visitors on their way and you need to give your rooms that quick aroma makeover?

Well then let us introduce you to this beautiful interior perfume.  We have designed it so you can use it on fabrics too.







(Iso E-Super, Eugenol, Linalool)

Contains 1-Octen-3-yl acetate, 2,4-Dimethyl-3- cyclohexen-1-carboxaldehyde, Acetyl cedrene, Citral, Coumarin, Eucalyptol, Vetiverol, alpha-Pinene, alpha-iso-Methylioneone, beta-Carophyllene, d-Limonene