CARRIAGE lantern candle warmer black metal for scented candles in glass

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CARRIAGE lantern black for candle glasses

Your scented candles will be particularly effective in this simple, traditional colonial style lantern. Put your scented candle jar in it and, after a short time, enjoy your
favourite scent. In this beautiful lantern, the scented candle is heated from above, by the special heat lamp, thereby creating a clean wax pool. The scent unfolds in the room within a very short time. Much faster than with the conventional burning of the scented candle.

To ensure that the scented candle continues to exude its fragrance intensely, after a while pour off the liquefied wax on top.

You can use scented candle jars from various companies, including Fox & Wolf, but you should make sure that the jars are heat-resistant. Candle jars up to 680g are best.

Three reasons why the Carriage Lantern is a bestseller:

  1. The elegant design and colour options match any decor.
  2. Due to the lighting from above, the candle melts faster and gives off its scent after a short time.
  3. The warm light creates the ambience of a burning candle, but without the dangers of an open flame, such as the risk of fire, soot and the release of other pollutants.

Enjoy safe and clean scented candles with the products from Fox & Wolf. Elegant living ambience is the focus of every product from Fox & Wolf.

  • Colour: matt black
  • Material: metal
  • Size: 35 x 15 cm
  • 25 watt light source is included in delivery
  • Electric operation with on / off switch Supplied
  • in an attractive gift box
  • EU plug + UK adaptor included