Sometime’s a picture says a thousand words.  We draw inspiration for our aesthetic, fragrances and style, from the dark, the elegant, the unusual and the bold. We are great believers in adopting this in everything we do.

We are both fascinated by androgynous design and the mix of masculine and feminine, a combination of dark strong masculine design and the beauty of delicate aromas..

adjective: androgynous design
partly masculine and partly feminine in appearance but neither one or the other.

So, here is one of our mood boards, which we use to inspire and challenge ourselves.  It's of imagery that incapsulates us and our brand, and is the foundation of the Fox & Wolf Creation.

Checkout our playlists on Spotify by clicking one of the following links. Volume: 1, Volume: 2,  Volume: 3  Our playlists are the perfect accompaniment to burning a Fox & Wolf candle, putting your feet up and relaxing!