Immerse yourself in this rich and heady mix of pomegranate and musky rose. A gentle and beautiful aroma combination. It’s sweet, but with a powdery finish. If you like relaxing in a big warm bath, then this is an aroma combination you will want in your life. Rich yet subtle, it evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. We think it’s time to run that bath!


The scents of this beautiful fragrance evoke the imagination transporting you to a bedouin tent, filled with a mix of dark and rich aromas, that fill the air with complex spices and subtle floral notes. And, with a hint of dark sweet honey. Our Persian inspired fragrance transports you to a romantic place where the dark corners are filled with mystery and intrigue.


HOA is a beautiful floral fragrance that's light, but intense. The base of coconut is layered with pomegranate and red apple and complimented with the floral notes of Jasmin and lily of the valley. The combination of floral and fruity notes, finished off with sweet vanilla. This is a beautiful fragrance combination that's very relaxing and soothing.


This incredible fragrance is so light. With a combination of light fruity pear, and a dash of Valencian lemon, layered onto the powdery floral notes of orchid petal and magnolia. All drenched in the finest rose water. This aromatic delight will leave you with a spring in your step, and one we definitely recommend to lift the spirits. It fills any room with gentle florals and creates a space of possible romance.


Close your eyes and enjoy this floral, sultry, heady scent.

If opulence is what you're looking for, then sit back and surround yourself with this deep, fruity and floral explosion, as it fills your room. It's a complex mix of aromas, that is likely to keep you guessing. Just when you think you have discovered the magic of Paloma, another aroma will rise Into the air.

It'll take you away to a Malayan Spa, so immerse yourself in luxury.  You will love this candle as much as we do!


For those fruit lovers everywhere, we think we have just created a little bit of heaven for you. It's rich, it's dark, it's sweet and it does smell exactly like Black Victoria Plumb and Rhubarb. With it's intense beautiful aroma, this candle will get everyone talking.We have basically created a candle that smells so damn good, your neighbours will expect an invite for desert.

It's not for the faint hearted as this aroma combination is strong and heady, with deep rich red fruit.


SEKATI is one of those fragrances that makes you feel calm and cosy. With the sweetness of rich honey, lay over almond milk, and infused with hints of vanilla and Tonka bean, smoothed over coconut and Jasmin. With a list of notes like that, you can understand why this fragrance is one you just want to be alone with.


For orange lovers. With its mix of pure sweet zingy orange, and subtle warm spices, filling the air. Close your eyes and transport yourself to the Ruzafa Fruit Market in the heart of Valencia, where Mr Fox first fell in love with these rich aromatic fragrances. And to date this is one of our most popular aromas.


Deze verbluffende geur zit zo vol met Juicy Zesty-sinaasappel, dat het water je in de mond loopt. De sinaasappelolie is doordrenkt met bergamot en zo simpel is het. Pittiger dan dit wordt het niet.