This fragrance is as close to relaxation and perfection as we could get. It’s a wonderful light mix of tangy lemon and green tea, with subtle base notes of spicy ginger. Now would be a good time to close your eyes, listen to some relaxing spa music, and put your feet up.


This combination of ingredients and oils is one of our favourites. With so many beautiful scents clashing against each other, it makes a fresh, zingy, sweet but deep mix of aromas. In short it's complex, but wonderful.

We love this fragrance combination because it's one of the candles that fills the air with all the notes of the lime basil and mandarin.


This intense and fresh combination is rich and aromatic. With a subtle hint of sweet mint, layered onto sharp and intense Eucalyptus, sitting on a tender bed of cloves patchouli, vanilla and cedar, with a gentle array of subtle notes waiting to be discovered. It's zingy and fresh, yet comforting and relaxing. Enjoy this fragrance and close your eyes... it's time for some 'you' time. 


This is a smooth and sophisticated scent. It's layered with warm tobacco tones, then topped by sweet rum and zesty citrus notes. Married with deep clove and balsamic tones of Labdanum, which come to rest on an aromatic bed of leather, and peppered with a hint of moss and amber. We think it feels clean, yet masculine. I suppose what we are trying to say is it's kinda sexy.


This is a complex, beautiful fresh blend of floral and vibrant citrus tones. With a hint of freshly cut grass, to evoke that wonderful sunny warm feeling that we all love on a bright spring morning.

After you open this beautifully scented reed diffuser your mood will instantly lift. And your room will be filled with an amazing fresh vibrant scent.