Ryan Fox and Scott Wolf, are the founders and Creative Directors of Fox & Wolf.

They have been crafting aromatic experiences since 2015.

After many years of testing and creating their products and brand, they launched their company in 2019. 

The products had to fit within their vegan ethos, and it was important to use high quality ingredients, that had not been tested on animals.

They are both fascinated by androgynous design and the mix of masculine and feminine. They love the combination of dark, simplistic, masculine design and the contrast of intense layered aromas. Their aromatic blends are chosen and inspired by their time travelling the world. From the Spice Markets of Marrakech, to the golden sandy beaches of Paros, to the fresh ginger of Hua Hin. 

An aroma can bring a sense of reminiscence, an unexplained feeling and evoke many emotions. 

Both Ryan and Scott create Fox & Wolf products from their love of the simplistic and the aromatic. They feel their products should sit quietly in the background of any space, yet be the one spot your eyes will always travel to. Their philosophy is one of simple aesthetic, hand craftsmanship and a belief that artisan products can be bold and beautiful, with a real sense of quality. In the words of Coco Chanel "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."


..we make things that are elegant and simple, yet so bold, they stand out in a room - from everything else. We basically wanted to create the candle version of the 'little black dress'.

In the words of Harry Winston... ”People will stare, make it worth their while".



Scott and Ryan are the creatives behind the brand. But in order to keep the creative process flowing, they also work with a team of artisans and creative minds. An integral part of Fox & Wolf is the visual element. And the stylist behind the visuals is Sophie - an inspiring, fun loving globetrotting photographer. Sophie has her base in Eastern Spain. She is very much part of the family here at Fox & Wolf, and she is responsible for the wonderful photography and any ideas that embody the brand.