This fragrance is as close to relaxation and perfection as we could get. It’s a wonderful light mix of tangy lemon and green tea, with subtle base notes of spicy ginger. Now would be a good time to close your eyes, listen to some relaxing spa music, and put your feet up.


This combination of ingredients and oils is one of our favourites. With so many beautiful scents clashing against each other, it makes a fresh, zingy, sweet but deep mix of aromas. In short it's complex, but wonderful.

We love this fragrance combination because it's one of the candles that fills the air with all the notes of the lime basil and mandarin.


The scents that come from this fragrance will take you to the far East, with strong notes of freshly cut spicy ginger and sharp floral lemongrass. Close your eyes and take in these rich and vibrant scents and transport yourself to the early morning spice markets, of Chang Mai, in Thailand.


For orange lovers. With its mix of pure sweet zingy orange, and subtle warm spices, filling the air. Close your eyes and transport yourself to the Ruzafa Fruit Market in the heart of Valencia, where Mr Fox first fell in love with these rich aromatic fragrances. And to date this is one of our most popular aromas.