Our reed diffusers are beautiful yet bold, and sit perfectly in any space.

Made from 100% natural, vegetable derived base - making them 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free. We only use carbon reeds so they don’t clog like many other brands.

Not only do they fill any room with our wonderful aromas, but they are designed to sit in any space and look beautiful and classic... like they should have always been there.

Each of our bottles are either 200ml or 165ml (your choice) and supplied with our jet black carbon reeds. These reeds are 250mm long.

Our secret blends give every room a fresh, beautiful, fragrance. Because you don't have to light anything to release the aroma, you can enjoy these wonderful scents all day long. So add a diffuser into any room and enjoy our wonderful range of aromatic scents. 

All handmade in Spain.